60 cm/24 inch European human hair, platinum blonde

Our competition head Luna with its long light blonde human hair is one of the top sellers among beauty bloggers. It is ideally suited for updos, techniques of coloring, techniques of cutting and above all for national and international competitions. Luna is also similar to the popular Elena training head. The heads only differ in hair length.

When maintaining the mannequin heads, care must be taken to use only pH-neutral to slightly alkaline products. Therefore, we recommend our L’IMAGE care products, which were specially developed for hairdressing heads.

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60 cm/24 inch European human hair, platinum blonde

Head characteristics

female head, European hair

Usable for

Usable for techniques of cutting, techniques of coloring, updos, hot tools, national and international competitions

Hair quality


Hair length

~ 60 cm / 24 inch

Hair weight

190 g/ 6,7 oz

Hair color

platinum blonde, 9

Head Size

~ 52 cm / 20.47 inch