60 cm/24 inch European human hair, platinum blonde

With Gigi, you have found the perfect blonde human hair head for braiding and pinning up. Not only does her beautiful face attract all eyes at the master’s exam as well as at national as well as international competitions – the 60 cm long, very voluminous human hair of the mannequin head is suitable for pinning up, for bridal and braided hairstyles and all styling techniques of a hairdresser.

The women’s head with bust can also be staged particularly beautifully with pastel colouring or clay rinses. Like every limage head, this OMC champion head can of course be made up without any problems.

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60 cm/24 inch European human hair, platinum blonde

Head characteristics

female head

Usable for

techniques of cutting, techniques of coloring, bangs, special techniques of blow-drying and smoothing, national and international competitions, techniques of cutting, coloring and blow-drying

Hair quality


Hair length

~ 60 cm / 24 inch

Hair weight

260 g, with more volume / 9 oz

Hair color

platinum blonde, 9